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The screaming Savage

Michael Savage is certainly named appropriately - he is a savage sometimes. I don't know why in the world I listened to him at all the other night, even though I only tolerated about 10 minutes of his screaming nonsense before I turned him off. He actually had the nerve to say that Obama was a marxist and would take our private homes from us if he became president. All of this because Obama took a (well-deserved) jab at McCain for not knowing how many houses he owned. This whole house thing is so out of control. Who cares how many houses McCain owns? But, shouldn't he "know" how many houses he owns? I don't care about his "investment" properties, although I must admit I would be curious to know how many homes, second homes and vacation homes he has access to at any time - to actually live in without evicting someone. It seems that the radical right wing can't find enough points to argue against an Obama presidency, so they are grabbing at anyth

Exquisite Corpse Poetry Game

This week's poem is " Midnight Shadows " Stars apparent shining dark skies cloaked secrets in midnight blue mysterious shadows like venomous illusions thick shadows folding lucid dreams million cricket chirps , stillborn stars the serenely silent sanctuary beckons Succulent kisses , mysterious smudged eyes. tangled hair entwines enfolding arms sleepy abyss of confounding dreams silent, unwieldy, deep shadows night distraught nightmares child snuggly daddy dark world disappears peaceful rest Exquisite Corpse is provided by Before I am Famous. The end. I've finally taken the plunge and decided to participate. It's fun and it forces me to be creative which is good for the mind. I used to write poetry quite often, but lately it seems I'm too busy. Maybe this little game will get my creative juices flowing again. What is exquisite corpse? It is a game and basically the rule is simple are people participating follow the rules creating something, whether it b

Political fund-raisers calling

My state doesn't require a registered voter to register with a party, so I should not be on a phone calling list for any political party. And yet I am. I have received Republican fund-raiser calls for years so that's no surprise. But today, I received my first Democratic fund-raising phone call and I am not happy about it. First of all, even after I told him I couldn't afford to give any money, he proceeded with his script. I interrupted him to inform him that I was one of those people who had to borrow from family members just to keep my utilities on. Then he politely ended the call. How do I get on these lists???!!!??? I don't think political parties should be allowed to invade the privacy of a person's home by calling and asking for money. Those who want to donate will find a way to donate. Besides, if you catch me home in the middle of the day, what does that say about me? 1. Either I'm rich and don't have to work so maybe you can get some money out of m

Population Explosion

The population in America should increase by over 130 million people in less than 45 years according to the census bureau. Not trying to sound cynical here, or pro-abortion, but I can't help but wonder how abortion is playing into the big picture of those who are possibly very subtly trying to control the population without drawing any attention. You know who I'm talking about: the unseen, faceless, nameless people of the "powers that be." Other interesting projections show that white (non-hispanic) people will only make up 46%, which means that the minority peoples, at least when grouped together, will make up the majority of the population in 2050, with the largest growing Hispanic group at the top with 30%. This might be the first time in our short history that minority peoples in total, are higher in numbers than the majority. Assuming this projection is accurate, we will probably be a bilingual country by then, regardless of the attempts by some today to make ev

Cloaking has arrived

One of my favorite movies is Star Trek IV , The Voyage Home. Yes, I'm a huge fan of the original series, with Bill Shatner as Captain Kirk . Remember the scene where Catherine Hicks was frantically searching for Kirk and Spock in the park and bumped into the invisible starship? This scientific fantasy of cloaking has arrived. They can't cloak anything as large as a truck yet, but they can cloak smaller objects using metamaterials. Metamaterials are mixtures of metal and circuit board materials such as ceramic, Teflon or fibre composite which can deflect radar, light or other waves around an object. Read more of the simplified explanation here. Besides the cloaking models, Milton is working on a different project, "something similar to a force shield in 'Star Trek,' " he said. Get the more detailed scientific explanation here.

Al Gore Places Infant Son In Rocket To Escape

Gore-Al? This is a brilliant piece which chronicles the parallels of Al Gore's deteriorating planet with the story of Superman. A MUST Read! Brought to you by those crazy but hilarious folks over at Al Gore Places Infant Son In Rocket to Escape Dying Planet Excerpt: EARTH—Former vice president Al Gore — who for the past three decades has unsuccessfully attempted to warn humanity of the coming destruction of our planet, only to be mocked and derided by the very people he has tried to save — launched his infant son into space Monday in the faint hope that his only child would reach the safety of another world. read more | digg story

John Edwards

I was watching CNN yesterday as they were covering the story of John Edwards' affair. I was appalled - literally - at the number of callers, mostly female, who thought the media coverage wasn't fair and that this matter should be kept "private" for his family's sake. Sorry ladies, but protecting his family was Dear John's job, and he not only failed, he is the only reason they are being humiliated. I feel sorry for them, but the truth has to be told. These ladies apparently have the attitude that "boys will be boys," but that old adage should never apply to the MEN , not boys, who lend themselves to public service. Since when do we consider leaders of the nation as little boys who can't help but misbehave and cheat on their wives? This is not about religion - it is about accountability, integrity, morality, trust and decency. This was the ultimate act of betrayal, made even more disgusting because of the poor health of his wife who needed his s

Demand action on healthcare

Do you have health insurance? Many do not. It is my opinion that a citizen of America should be able to go to a doctor and receive medical care when they are ill. I am not as concerned about any other issue facing us today, as I am about the suffering of our sick and elderly citizens who have no hope of living in fair health. Dear Senator McCain and Senator Obama, Nearly 50 million Americans have no health insurance at all, while the middle class is getting squeezed by skyrocketing health care costs. Meanwhile, insurance companies will only cover the healthiest among us, denying people with pre-existing conditions the coverage they need. We urge you to lead the charge for quality, affordable health care for all Americans, including those with pre-existing conditions. Sign the petition here. Technorati Tags: healthcare , petition , candidates Generated By Technorati Tag Generator

Vote out incumbents

Let's have a revolution in America. Not one with guns or even protest marches. Let's voice our opinion on Election Day. Let's vote out ALL incumbents. Yep, let's oust them from their comfy chairs in the congress and the senate. Let's vote for newbies who will at least be in touch with mainstream Americans. Let's show the politicians who they really work for. Let's fire them and show future politicians that there are consequences if you do not take care of business. Let's show them that they must take responsibility for their actions or take responsibility for taking no action. Who has been tending to the needs of the nation? Who allowed this energy crisis in the first place? Politicians, our elected officials.

Candidate offers cheap gas

Nick Leibham may have found the way to a voter's heart, offering 50 people gas for $1.27 per gallon. I know it's only 50 people, but other voters will appreciate the gesture also because it shows that he truly knows the hardship that many people are facing. Wouldn't it be nice if more of our political candidates spent some of that campaign money on voters instead of TV time? CANDIDATE OFFERS CHEAP GAS would certainly get my attention. Nick's a smart man, or at least he is smart enough to have hired a smart person to help him campaign. Nick also found another way to subtly grab people's attention by not telling you up front which party he is with. When you visit his website , you have to make a couple of clicks to determine his party affiliation. Meanwhile, you're learning more about Nick, which appears to be all good. He has been a school teacher, a congressional aide, a prosecutor and now a practicing attorney in San Diego. From Nick's profile... He hopes

A Few Good Posts

Ever have one of those days when there are so many things rattling around in your head that you can't seem to focus enough to write about just one? Instead of torturing myself today, I decided to alert everyone to a few good blog posts I've read while browsing with Entrecard... (links will open in a new window or tab). First, a bit of humor written earlier in the week at Mankey Fables and Tales. If you've never read this blog you're in for a real treat. This particular post covers the nightmare men have to go through sometimes and it is hysterical. Don't worry, it's written in good taste, considering the topic. Politi-Gal has written an informative piece on our current oil situation, showing that oil is not overly in demand and backing it up with references. Excellent job. I Will Not Die has posted an interesting article as to Why Smart People Fail . The Fearless Blog has posted a nice little link list of where to find free books online .