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She Persisted

"She persisted." What a profound statement that so aptly describes how hard women have worked over the centuries to make life better for themselves and their daughters. What most people do not realize is that when you have made life easier for the women, of all colors and beliefs, then you have made life better for their children, which makes life better for everyone - and that should be our goal as a nation, and as a planet. Women Read Coretta Scott King's Letter Opposing Jeff Sessions...  Republicans tried to silence Elizabeth Warren from reading this statement criticizing Attorney General nominee Senator Jeff Sessions. Instead, #shepersisted. Coretta Scott King's Letter If video does not load, you click on the link below to view: Women Read Coretta Scott King's Letter Opposing Jeff Sessions The above is from . Remember to always be persistent. #ShePersisted #BePersistant

Lunar Eclipse Visibility

The Snow Moon, aka the full moon of February 10-11, 2017, also brings us a penumbral lunar eclipse and the New Year Comet. The comet only appears to us earthlings every 5 years. It's a grand celestial event, even though most of us will not be able to view it. On Friday (Feb. 10), just 10 minutes after the full moon peaks, so will a penumbral lunar eclipse. The moon will spend more than 4 hours coasting through Earth's outer shadow, called the penumbra, and it will appear darker than normal. Interesting that this Snow Moon coincides with the winter storm now blasting the north-eastern United States. When to see it While lunar eclipse visibility will be at 100% for Europe and Africa, those in portions of the Americas will be able to view it only as the moon rises in the eastern sky. The moon will first enter Earth's shadow at 5:32 p.m. EST (2232 GMT), and its moonlight will slowly but surely grow dimmer for a little over 2 hou