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Delegating Responsibility

I have often wondered why people, especially people who are in business for themselves, actually HATE to hire other small business people. It seems that the average small business owner thinks that they can do it all. Well maybe they can, but can they do it as well as a professional in that field? Chances are that if you told them that YOU could do what they do just as well, then they would laugh at you, knowing the endless hours and dedication they have put into becoming a professional at what they do. In prior decades, this "I can do it" syndrome seemed to apply mostly to men, but lately, women have acquired the same paradoxical syndrome. Why? Perhaps it's because they don't feel appreciated or properly recognized for their business achievements. Perhaps they're just tight-wads. I once knew a man with above average income who refused to pay for lawn care, even though it was known to be detrimental to his health to continue to cut the lawn himself. S