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Cutting Ties With the NRA

Amazement continues to wash over me almost daily as more corporations take a humane, moral, and common sense stance on gun control in America by cutting ties with the NRA. *NOTE Just to make things clear, the 2nd Amendment includes the words "well regulated" militia. No matter how one defines "well regulated," remember that when those words were written, the government was not as capable (pertaining to weapons) as they are today. There is literally no logical method by which individuals could successfully fight the government.  Below is a photo offering a little proof of their superiority, taken in 1994. As for those who say they are aware of this fact, but at least they will go out in a flame of glory - you are part of the problem. Grow up. Stop letting the NRA put the fear of tyranny in you.  1994 Be careful what you fear, because people tend to attract their worst fears. Why? Because they spend so much time thinking about it, and it elicits a powerful emo