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Make Your Own Spider Repellent

Forget about using toxic chemicals in your home to repel spiders. Make your own spider repellent using Essential oils, vinegar, water, and witch hazel, as well as dish soap in the proper combinations. The following website has a couple of recipes so you can make your own concoctions for repelling spiders. Peppermint spray for spiders

Transplanting Morning Glories

When I entered the backyard yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to find 23 Morning Glory blooms near the patio. Turns out, it was a good omen, as we learned that we would be moving in a month's time.  Excuse the dead grass in the photo below. Here in the Pacific northwest, we have very little rain in the summer and the grass dies (opposite of what I was accustomed to in SC). This year we were actually fortunate in that we had rain in June and the grass lived longer than usual. However, we have plenty of rain in my favorite season - winter - and lovely green grass, which I love in the winter time.  We are hoping for success in transplanting Morning Glories. They were not blooming the first year we lived here, but the second year they surprised us. Last year, sadly, they did not reappear. This summer, they have come back stronger than ever.  We love our morning glories and are looking forward to taking them with us. Luckily, I discovered an article at, with sim

Foreign children

"But those were foreign children and it really didn't matter." (Dr. Seuss cartoon 1941) Some feelings never change...  Fast forward to 2022. Stop saying #AmericaFirst  We are all brothers and sisters of this Earth.