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I survived

A new decade is finally here and hopefully the world will be a much brighter and safer place over the next few years. Sometimes I just like to write my "stuff" and get it off my chest, and that is what I have done below. It feels good to look back and see what changes have taken place in 10 short years. I find myself saying "I survived." I am also grateful for all of the many blessings I have had and the lessons I have learned, not to mention the spiritual growth that took place because of the journey. These events include only those which directly concerned myself and my children, and do not include those of siblings, nephews, nieces and dear friends whom have also had more than their fair share of traumatic events over the past decade. Here are the most prominent events of my life over the past ten years. 1) My first grandchild, a beautiful boy, was born in 2000. 2) His Mother, my oldest daughter, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, also in 2000, and af