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Hillary's Healthcare Plan

The mandate is that everyone must have insurance, that's all. Even Obama likes it.. "I commend Senator Clinton for her health care proposal," said Obama in a statement. "It's similar to the one I put forth last spring, though my universal health care plan would go further in reducing the punishing cost of health care than any other proposal that's been offered in this campaign." I find it more than a little disturbing that some Americans (mainly republicans) would rather spend their tax money on beautifying their city's entrance and planting grass and trees in the medians of our interstate highways than making sure that every single American has access to medical care. Check the facts at "Under Clinton's plan, Americans would be offered the same health care benefits of private health care plans offered to Congress through the federal employee benefits program as well as a public program similar to Medicare. Americans satisfied wit

Google and medical records

Google is launching a plan to host medical records in conjunction with the Cleveland Clinic. Smart move. This will enable individuals to access and control the privacy of their own medical history. Plus, if and when we convert to a universal health program, Google will have set themselves up as the engine to host the database of medical histories. Full Story Technorati tag: google medical records

Blue Eyed Presidents

Presidential trivia - All but 5 of our presidents had blue eyes (hazel is counted as blue also). We know this because Michael Medved became curious and decided to research the eye color of our presidents. McCain has blue eyes. Hillary has hazel eyes. Obama has brown eyes. Nixon was the last brown eyed president. LBJ was the next most recent with brown eyes. Technorati tag: presidential trivia

Poor people with cancer

Apparently those who make decisions concerning healthcare for the poor never actually talk to anyone who is poor. Apparently they never talk to people who work in emergency rooms either. I say this because they have just released a study declaring and proving what I have known to be true for years... the poor don't know they have cancer until it is in an advanced stage... because... they have no insurance so... they don't see a doctor regularly because they have no money... or they may have insurance but... they can't afford the copay or the 20% balance due which can amount to thousands of dollars for some tests so... why bother seeing the doctor if you can't afford to have the tests he/she will suggest you have to provide you with an accurate diagnosis? And if you're wondering why this matters, if you're one of those who hates entitlements and doesn't care about the poor, then please let me inform you that this affects nearly 25% of our population in the U.


Outsourcing - it's a controversial issue spurring many irate conversations and feelings across these United States. Ever wonder just how much money is going out of the country due to US businesses outsourcing? Here's a clue... Indian outsourcers to earn $220-280 bln by 2012 by ZDNet 's AM -- Everest Research Institute found that the addressable market for Indian BPO outsourcers will be $220 bln to $280 bln by 2012. Today, the report says, the total offshore BPO market is about $28 bln, with the Indian-sourced portion of that at $10.2 bln. Foreigners are earning 28 billion dollars right now, working for Americans. God help us, since our representatives don't have a clue how to actually "HELP" us and not hurt us. Technorati tag: outsourcing

Rush attacks Chelsea

Everyone who speaks for a candidate is fair game for the media. Even Chelsea. However, mocking a person's choice of words is more than a little immature. It brought to mind the neighborhood bully/idiot who because he could not think of anything to say, no come-back whatsoever, would spew out the same words he just heard in a silly sarcastic chant. That's how I perceive what Rush Limbaugh did to Chelsea's speech promoting her Mother's healthcare plan. Chelsea used words such as "chronically" and "acute" when speaking of those without health care consistently and at some point during a given year, respectively. Any writer or reader for that matter, knows that these words are used to describe many unhealthy conditions facing our world, not just physical conditions. I find it sad that so many people take Rush's words to heart, as if he were a religious leader of the ages. The truth is, now that these ultra-conservatives aren't happy with their

Ultra Conservative Republicans - A definition

As a spiritual person who votes in presidential primaries and campaigns, I find it increasingly difficult to hear a variety of political views and opinions amongst church goers and life long republicans who are being inundated with propaganda that forces the weakest of them to vote for a pro-life candidate without considering the candidate's qualifications or position on other more urgent issues. Sometimes I write to vent, and I have written my own definition of the Ultra Conservative Republican Leaders and their followers. Hope you like it... Definition of Conservative Republican Leaders and their followers A group of people who perpetuate themselves as the Christian party, seemingly based solely upon their pro-life, anti-abortion platform (everybody loves babies, right?), apparently ignorant of the fact that this was acually a supreme court decision, not one decided by voters or the President. Their followers have seemingly abandoned the teachings of Jesus Christ and replaced it


The latest numbers show that only 19 out of 1000 women have abortions. The statistics on abortions includes those that take the French abortion pill RU 486, now more commonly known as mifepristone. To put this number into perspective, I needed to find the actual population of women in the US. As of the 2002 census, there were more than 141 million women in the US, a number that has certainly grown in the past six years. 19.4% of women ages 15 to 44 had abortions in 2005, the lowest number since 1974. The census doesn't break down the number of women in this particular age group, so I cannot offer further details. However, this decrease is certainly worth celebrating and hopefully, will no longer be a matter that people consider when selecting a president. Mind you, I am not saying it shouldn't be considered at all, but a candidate's position on abortion, should not be the only criteria used to select a president. For the record, I am pro-life, but I have a problem with t

Dear Natalee, Rest in Peace

Re: Natalee Holloway, murdered in Aruba Dear Natalee, I am happy to inform you that the world now knows that you were murdered and by whom. Do not fret over the details, you did not deserve to die. Hopefully, we will find out the whole truth that will clear your name. I am sorry that you and your family have had to endure the awful comments online about your character or lack thereof, which has no bearing on what happened to you. Whether you were given a drug or whether you made a bad decision - one mistake - on one night of your life, no matter what the circumstances, you did not deserve to be tossed into the ocean like a dead fish. So rest in peace, Natalee, you deserve to be free. Love, Mother of a teenaged daughter