Population Explosion

The population in America should increase by over 130 million people in less than 45 years according to the census bureau.

Not trying to sound cynical here, or pro-abortion, but I can't help but wonder how abortion is playing into the big picture of those who are possibly very subtly trying to control the population without drawing any attention.

You know who I'm talking about: the unseen, faceless, nameless people of the "powers that be."

Other interesting projections show that white (non-hispanic) people will only make up 46%, which means that the minority peoples, at least when grouped together, will make up the majority of the population in 2050, with the largest growing Hispanic group at the top with 30%.

This might be the first time in our short history that minority peoples in total, are higher in numbers than the majority.

Assuming this projection is accurate, we will probably be a bilingual country by then, regardless of the attempts by some today to make everyone learn English. (By the way, the language thing is not an issue with me. I see more important issues that need tending to.)

The most disturbing projection economically speaking, is that the population of those over 85 is expected to triple to 19 million people. Since we barely take care of the elderly now, what do you suppose their living conditions will be like in 2050? It's scary!

The U.S. has nearly 305 million people today. The population is projected to hit 400 million in 2039 and 439 million in 2050.

That's like adding all the people from France and Britain, said Steve A. Camarota, director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington group that advocates tighter immigration policies.

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