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Where is Peace to be found?

"Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding." ~ Albert Einstein Wonder what Einstein and other such philosophers might have said about those who refuse to communicate - refuse to attempt understanding? For instance, how can one live in peace, if their neighbor attacks them - if such a neighbor has no desire to understand - then, where is peace to be found? Is the peaceful neighbor destined to martyrdom... in order to preserve peace? Yes, the faithful can have peace in their hearts... that is not in question. True peace of community, nation and world... that is the question.

Back in the writer's saddle

What is it that makes some of us bloggers, especially myself, take a month or two off now and again? It isn't something I plan to do, but it inevitably happens a couple of times a year. Perhaps it's because I go through periods of time when I would do more ranting and venting than is really necessary, and I worry about offending my readers, or saying something that I might regret in hindsight. Sometimes it's just because my part-time job is wearing me down and I am so tired that I don't have the will to write... (even though my doc says I shouldn't work, the dear folks at the SS office feel differently, and so I do what I can). Sometimes it's because of the financial stress which takes over my mind and my life... living a month away from homelessness on a month to month basis can wear you down quickly. Whatever it is, I am now back with a clear mind, or at least a clearer mind than I have had the past two months. Writing is good therapy, so I'm throwing awa