The screaming Savage

Michael Savage is certainly named appropriately - he is a savage sometimes. I don't know why in the world I listened to him at all the other night, even though I only tolerated about 10 minutes of his screaming nonsense before I turned him off.

He actually had the nerve to say that Obama was a marxist and would take our private homes from us if he became president. All of this because Obama took a (well-deserved) jab at McCain for not knowing how many houses he owned.

This whole house thing is so out of control. Who cares how many houses McCain owns? But, shouldn't he "know" how many houses he owns?

I don't care about his "investment" properties, although I must admit I would be curious to know how many homes, second homes and vacation homes he has access to at any time - to actually live in without evicting someone.

It seems that the radical right wing can't find enough points to argue against an Obama presidency, so they are grabbing at anything, taking pot shots, and employing scare tactics to frighten their disciples, um, I mean listeners.

I have plenty of problems with some democrats too, and ALL people who scream.

I believe in moderation, communication, bipartisanship, cooperation, and common sense.


  1. Yup..that guy's even over the top for me!


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