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Living with Critics

How do you live with critics? When someone is being critical of you, what quality or virtue do you need to develop to have peace of mind? Tolerance, forgiveness, or assertiveness for defense? I think I vote for tolerance, after trying diplomacy to come to a mutual understanding, which failed. Yet, tolerance doesn't really help one deal with the person in question. Perhaps forgiveness would be the most lofty of choices, but if they continue in their criticisms and attacks, and do not ask for forgiveness, then is it even truly possible to completely forgive someone? How can you forgive an on-going attack? Shouldn't it end before you forgive? Is is even possible to continue forgiveness perpetually while in the process of being attacked? Assertiveness to defend one's self is the most obvious answer for me, but the defense is really useless. Why should you have to defend yourself for your personal views, or for something you did not do?