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Energy Modernization Act

The "Energy Modernization Act" sounds like an act that's on target for making things better for Americans, right? WRONG! While other states are demanding that chemicals used in fracking  (hydraulic fracturing)   be revealed, North Carolina has taken a step backwards. The Energy Modernization Act will actually prosecute anyone who reveals what those deadly chemicals are. Fracking Damage Yes, you read that right. You may be thinking that all of the problems that have resulted from fracking are due to poor equipment and processes that are not regulated - and you would be right. The problem is that no one seems to be able to make sure that their "process" is safe and therefore no one should be allowed to continue fracking unless and until the procedure is not damaging our drinking water. Personally, I believe the damage will go much deeper than that, simply because of the process itself. It is not logical to do this to the planet. The effects are

Incantation Bowls to Capture Evil

Incantation bowls - sound like some kind of magical witchy thing, doesn't it? But it's not. Ancient bowls have been found that date between the 2nd an 8th centuries AD. They were used to capture evil, the devil, demons, etc. It was believed they had the power to do so. Interesting that this "need" to be protected arose AFTER the coming of Jesus, historically speaking. Also interesting, is that the script inside the bowl is just bits and pieces of "real" languages, indicating that were created to pacify the public, at least on some of them. I firmly believe that we can give power to anything we wish, so if they believed that these bowls protected them, then that faith would be enough unless the faith was tainted with fear, in which case any item or belief would be rendered useless. Then again, I would believe that they capture negative energies, rather than giving a specific name to the entity, such as devil or demon. How do we know that all of th

America Strong: Stranger Raises $35k for Exonerated Prisoner

Jonathan with attorneys    THIS is the AMERICA that I Am proud to belong to. Thank you Alex Sutaru and to all who heeded your call to help this man. The value of your life - and his - cannot be measured by dollar signs, but the love? Alex Sutaru Priceless. America Strong: Stranger Raises $35k for Exonerated Prisoner : When Alex Sutaru heard the story of Jonathan Fleming, a Brooklyn man exonerated after doing nearly 25 years in a New York prison for a murder he didn’t commit, he knew he had to act. “This is somebody that wasn’t guilty of a crime; he... There is a crowdfunding campaign on  Indiegogo that has raised over $34,000  to help right this egregious judicial error that punished a man incorrectly. And did you know? One in 25  Sentenced to Death  in the U.S.  Is Innocent,  Study Claims

Blocked Bill to Raising the Minimum Wage

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