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The Kardashians

A few months ago, when I was fed up with the ridiculous slurs and insulting memes regarding the Kardashians, I decided to actually watch the show to see what all of this hate drama is about. I am still watching reruns and trying to keep up with current shows when I have time. Obviously, many more people love them than hate them (I can find reruns nearly every day), or they would not be on television as much as they are, or in magazines, or in newspapers, or online newspapers, or tabloids, on entertainment TV shows, or - well, you get the point. Here's why I continue to watch their shows. There is very little "wrong" with the Kardashian family, unless you call being rich wrong, which apparently most people do not or they wouldn't continually allow filthy rich politicians to run the country. As you may (or may not) know, I study psychology. I am fascinated by it. The Kardashian family is one of the most loyal, unconditionally loving families I have ever had th


I watched the debate last night and today heard some good news. More than 10 million viewers tuned in to watch the Democratic Debate last night and it was a substantial debate. So many of us are refreshed as we #feelthebern and many democrats and independents are desperately hoping that Bernie Sanders can pull out enough voters to win not only the democratic primary, but also the presidency. Unfortunately, the media is making even his smallest gains into seemingly much larger accomplishments than they actually are. Even with small strides and plenty of media coverage, most Americans are not ready for a president Sanders. Many political analysts have said that Sanders is not going to become our next president - for many reasons. A major consideration is that an extremist such as Sanders is not going to motivate enough people to get out and vote. Meanwhile, we will just have to wait and see what happens, but I, for one, tend to agree with the predictions. the Republican p

Free Audio Books

Sometimes you want to read but you are just too tired to hold the dang book. Many people use Audible, which is a premium service that provides a free trial. If you want the most current titles, that is where you need to go. Fortunately, there are a few sites that offer free audio books for your iphone, ipad and computer. Most of these books are available in the free domain, meaning there is no copyright keeping you from downloading a free copy of the book, or a free audio version of the book. Remember, current trending authors are not going to be in this group. However, if you like classics, historical texts and enjoy discovering new books from the past, then you might just like to take a look at the list of providers. has compiled a list of nine... you can see them here .

Obama wept

A few days ago our President wept as he spoke of the massacre of children at Sandy Hook Elementary  in 2012. If you are one who speaks of this event in mockery, I feel sorry for you and because of you I feel even sorrier for our nation. For it is people like you who have caused the apathy in America. NO one is coming for your guns. However, below is the educated interpretation of the 2nd Amendment as interpreted by our Supreme Court. If you are one of the people who says that more laws will not keep guns away from criminals, I would like to remind you that most gun deaths and injuries occur as unjustifiable homicides and suicides. For the sake of argument , let's say the government is plotting to eventually take all guns away from us. Get real. If that happens, the military will win. Many of you think that our service men and women would not comply with these orders, but even if that were the case, the UN would be called upon to enforce the new laws and