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How the Rich and Famous are Voting

This election year has been one of the most interesting, and most controversial election years of my life. The politicians and their supporters are confused, angry, and sometimes downright ignorant. The lies and accusations are tossed around easier than a salad. This political circus has served to inspire many questions for me, not all of which serve a great purpose - such as this one. Then again, it wasn't that long ago that a movie star was elected president. How are the rich and famous voting? I found endless resources for celebrity supporters of Hillary, but those supporting Trump are apparently not as vocal about their choice. I'm With Her (Hillary Clinton) Music Industry Katy Perry Elton John Pharrell Pit Bull - In no uncertain terms, it is safe to say that Pit Bull mocks the Trump candidacy. Interview at Reuters . Television Stars and Industry Oprah Amy Schumer Ellen DeGeneres Eva Longoria Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory) Kerry Washington

I Began My Voting Life as a Republican

Are you a Democrat? An Independent? A Republican? Have you ever changed your party affiliation? More often than not, people become affiliated with a political party based on their heritage (in my experience). It's a family tradition. Even suggesting that someone vote differently than their parents can start an argument. (Now I was born and raised in the south, so this might be a southern thing, but I fear that this is a tradition throughout rural America.) Naturally, some people do change their party affiliation. Sometimes, they do so quietly, without telling a soul, except for the ones they are trying to please or impress. For instance, a change might be made due to outside influences such as an employer, a church, or a new spouse. Those that grew up in a two-party household feel free to explore all of their options. I was one of those lucky ones. I began my voting life as a Republican, then became an Independent, and eventually realized that the only way I could