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The Lovely Eucalyptus

I use Eucalyptus Oil for many purposes and today I stumbled across this lovely Eucalyptus tree from the Phillipines. Truly - the lovely eucalyptus tree with it's rainbow bark is as pleasing to the eye as the aroma of the eucalyptus oil is to the soul. They both life my spirits. I wonder if I can grow them in South Carolina? The World's Most Beautiful Bark (Or: Trees Worth A Closer Look) : The Picture Show : NPR The World's Most Beautiful Bark (Or: Trees Worth A Closer Look) : The Picture Show : NPR

I Need to Move Beyond

I read some poignant words which were posted to FB tonight by Gabby Bernstein , who is one of my favorite inspiring people currently. It's amazing how the universe gives you what you need - if you are paying attention. Thankfully, I was - at least tonight. If, like me, you've ever wondered why you keep repeating the same circumstance with new people, or the same relationships - again, with new people, then this quote may help you. I found it more of a lesson I needed to learn, about a lesson I need to learn, so I found myself setting it up as if for a big screen presentation. Maybe now it will hold my attention and my awareness. I can honestly say I have thought of this concept before, but not quite in this way. I need to move beyond... I love that and I choose today, this Easter Sunday of 2014, to move beyond and I look forward to the next experience with gratitude. Happy Easter! For a list of books available including Warrior of the Light, Please see:  Books by

Following the Light of the sun

Canyonlands National Park near Moab, Utah "Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World." - Christopher Columbus

AMAZING benefits of Ginger Root

  Learn the AMAZING benefits of Ginger Root! Personal experience with ginger root about 2 years ago... I placed a tiny slice of ginger root on my daughter's palm to help heal a fairly deep puncture wound that was refusing to close up and heal. I then placed a bandage over the slice of ginger root that was over the open wound at the bottom of her palm, and she went to bed.  The ginger was absorbed by the body apparently, restoring her palm to good health, because it was nowhere to be found the next morning.  Believe you me, we looked - shook the sheets, checked the floor, etc.  This is an amazing food  that  Mother Nature has given us for healing.  I now take it in supplement form too.  Organic Ginger Root Extract - Get it here. Learn more about the many amazing benefits of ginger root at the following link. Doctor on the Amazing Benefits of Ginger