About Me

When I first chose this domain name, Surviving the Circus, life was unsettled at best. Since then, I have discovered that Surviving is nice, but Thriving is better. In my third phase of life, I've been learning to say no, let small things go, and expect good things. Now, as a seasoned crone and senior citizen, I am manifesting & co-creating the life I deserve, because we ALL deserve it, for our highest good!

This liberal baby boomer is happy to be here!

So grateful for being alive in this age of technical and medical marvels... if only everyone could have access.

I've always had a blog or two, but now I'm taking it more seriously.

Born and raised in SC, I now live with one of my daughters on the west coast. Meanwhile, my youngest daughter is on the east coast, and I need to spend time with both of them. I have a grown grandson, and a newborn grandson, and life is good. 

I don't want to miss a minute of it!  

Wish me luck on my journey!

More to come...


PS: There are ads and affiliate links on this website, but they do not cost you any extra if you click on a link and make a purchase. I'll be reviewing some of my favorite things, and you can be sure I have checked out all of the reviews ahead of time because I only want the most reliable products for my family.

Of course, the best bang for your buck is also considered.


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