A Few Good Posts

a few good posts
Ever have one of those days when there are so many things rattling around in your head that you can't seem to focus enough to write about just one?

Instead of torturing myself today, I decided to alert everyone to a few good blog posts I've read while browsing with Entrecard... (links will open in a new window or tab).

First, a bit of humor written earlier in the week at Mankey Fables and Tales. If you've never read this blog you're in for a real treat. This particular post covers the nightmare men have to go through sometimes and it is hysterical. Don't worry, it's written in good taste, considering the topic.

Politi-Gal has written an informative piece on our current oil situation, showing that oil is not overly in demand and backing it up with references. Excellent job.

I Will Not Die has posted an interesting article as to Why Smart People Fail.

The Fearless Blog has posted a nice little link list of where to find free books online.


  1. Just wanted to stop in and thank you for mentioning my site.


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