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Where a Website Resides

As a former web designer and hosting provider, I have often "attempted" to explain where a website resides, and how it is accessed. Rarely have I been able to convey the concept properly. It was simple enough to explain a domain name by comparing it to a street address, but ecplaining exactly where the data on a server is actually located, and how it is accessed, is not as easily understood. Most people couldn't care less about understanding the technical details of websites, Unless they are creating their own website (this fact may actually only apply to people of a certain age).  Once, I was wrongly accused of fraudulent activity, because my client was able to look up the information on their domain at another domain registrar's website. These particular women were at least 10 years younger than myself, and yet they were internet illiterate. I was never able to make them understand that one can look up who owns a domain name at any domain name registrar's

Guiding Lights

Words from one of our most prestigious and beloved guiding lights... #JimmyCarter