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Plumbing woes - Help!

Plumbing woes... what makes the toilet NOT fill up with water in the back, so that it can flush? Since last night, we have been having this problem and I cannot for the life of me figure it out. The water just barely drips into the back part where the water is stored. It takes hours for it to fill, and even then it will not deliver a full forced flush. Everything looks fine - no kinks in the chain, etc., but then again, I do not truly know how things should look. Everything else is draining fine, well, the tub is a little slower than usual, but that's all. If the problem were a clogged line, then the toilet would run over, correct? Any possible solutions would be welcomed as I do not have the money for a plumber.

The Celibate Life of Ants

Could this be another life lesson from the ants? The queen ant is the only ant allowed to reproduce. The others are forced to remain celibate and work for the good of all. All ants that are caught in the act, or even thinking about the act, are attacked by the other ants. It's true! Apparently, an ant that is feeling romantic emits an odor that is easily detectable by the other ants. The scientists that conducted this experiment actually dabbed a bit of the aroma on some unsuspecting ants and then placed them back inside the colony, and they were attacked. The only time the ant colony experiences "free love" is when the queen ant dies. "The idea that social harmony is dependent on strict systems to prevent and punish cheating seems to apply to most successful societies," Liebig explained in a comment released with his paper. Regardless of the genome, in matters of sex, nature still appears to prefer us not to stray. Read the full story at

Free Uninstaller

Totally free, no adware or spyware... Includes: Junk Files Cleaner, Windows Tools, Auto Run Manager, Browsers Cleaner, MS Office Cleaner, Windows Cleaner, Evidence Remover and Unrecoverable Delete tools! You can reach all these tools from "Tools" tool bar button of Revo Uninstaller. After installing this free uninstaller, I found several updating applications were running at startup for software I rarely use. Just a click in the box (to uncheck it), and it is disabled using the "Auto Run Manager." Another cool benefit is that this software runs on older computers with less ram. I am hoping to finally and completely uninstall Microsoft Office 2007 which is causing me problems since the demo expired. Download it here: Give-a-way of the Day

Missing the Farm

Have you ever dreamed of the country life? You know, a farm, lots of land, chickens, goats, etc. It's a nice life. I lived it for about five years. Sometimes I miss the farm. One of the cool and sometimes not so cool, things about living miles away from town, was that we always had a new supply of pets. People just love to dump their unwanted pets on country roads. We usually found homes for most of the dogs, but we kept almost all of the cats. We already had three dogs, so keeping more just wasn't practical. I had about two dozen cats and kittens at one point, all of whom came running to walk with me down the lane to the mailbox every day. It was such fun. We built a large deck out back and they all ate happily... their own private picnic... as if the deck was built just for them. I am rambling on about this because I read a post over at "Life On a Southern Farm" which brought back all the memories. It's a wonderful post, complete with photos of the hatching chi

Live long and prosper

As I was reading more material concerning the law of attraction, ho'oponopono and other inspirational modalities of healing and prospering, I couldn't help but think of the words of Leonard Nimoy's character, Mr. Spock, on Star Trek... "Live long and prosper." Then suddenly I had my own little rhyme. I rather like it, and I can remember it easily. It helps put perspective not only on how we should handle prosperity, but also on how we should handle those not-so-great, stressful periods of life. Flow through prosperity and it will flow through you. Flow through severity and it will be subdued. The most important thing is to love, because love binds everything in perfect harmony. (Paraphrase of Colossians 3.14, New Testament) I plan to shine in '09, how 'bout you?