Vote out incumbents

Let's have a revolution in America.

Not one with guns or even protest marches.

Let's voice our opinion on Election Day.

Let's vote out ALL incumbents.

Yep, let's oust them from their comfy chairs in the congress and the senate.

Let's vote for newbies who will at least be in touch with mainstream Americans.

Let's show the politicians who they really work for.

Let's fire them and show future politicians that there are consequences if you do not take care of business.

Let's show them that they must take responsibility for their actions or take responsibility for taking no action.

Who has been tending to the needs of the nation?

Who allowed this energy crisis in the first place?

Politicians, our elected officials.


  1. last...someone else saying the same thing! I've been saying this on my blog for quite some time. I'm thinking about creating a "No Incumbent" Blogroll.

    Good job!


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