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This is my foot. A simple photo I took while lounging in Florida last June - but I like to have fun with simple photography. So I played around with it and ended up creating a digital piece that I like, so I named it. Looking closely at the effects on the left side, I seem to have inadvertently created a side of a face, or did I? Serendipity! "Foot" "Foot on Vacation"

Treating a Cold

Treating A Cold... Yesterday began with a stuffy nose.  By evening it was a constant drip. Thankful I am to type my prose No worries of paper catching a drip. Drank some Emergen C last night, Took Benadryl, Ibuprofen & slept alright. A new day dawns just like the last, More Emergen C and a  Colloidal Silver blast. Have a great day!