Political fund-raisers calling

My state doesn't require a registered voter to register with a party, so I should not be on a phone calling list for any political party.

And yet I am.

I have received Republican fund-raiser calls for years so that's no surprise.

But today, I received my first Democratic fund-raising phone call and I am not happy about it.

First of all, even after I told him I couldn't afford to give any money, he proceeded with his script. I interrupted him to inform him that I was one of those people who had to borrow from family members just to keep my utilities on. Then he politely ended the call.

How do I get on these lists???!!!???

I don't think political parties should be allowed to invade the privacy of a person's home by calling and asking for money. Those who want to donate will find a way to donate.

Besides, if you catch me home in the middle of the day, what does that say about me?

1. Either I'm rich and don't have to work so maybe you can get some money out of me.

2. I don't have a job and therefore I don't have extra cash laying around to support the cause of a political party.

More often than not, I believe option 2 will be the main reason you catch someone at home in the middle of the day.

Personally, I think they ought to have to donate a portion of their funds raised to a charity that takes care of the homeless and the sick.

Put your money where your mouth is politicians!

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  1. Hi Sandra

    I don't enjoy asking for money. In fact, I have only asked for money once in my life. I asked my father for money to buy my first used car. My husband and I paid for my education, our wedding, our home, our expenses, our children and so on. I hope and pray I never have to ask for money.

    However, if someone is in need, an elderly or disabled person, a homeless child or a family who has lost their everything in a natural disaster, then of course they deserve monetary assistance, not just from the government but from all citizens. And they should not have to ask for it. It should be readily provided.

    Yet, it really bothers me when politicians request contributions for their campaigns. We send them millions and they spend millions. Then they get elected and they spend "our" millions or billions again and guess what? They make some more millions.

    Why does this happen? Because most citizens, me included, are too busy to care and too busy to do anything about it. Only a small number of people control the masses, and I guess that's exactly how the masses want it.

    I have visited your blog a few times and find your postings very interesting. I hope to return again. Thanks for sharing

  2. Unfortunately, the Do Not Call telemarketing list does not apply to politics. If you are a registered voter (regardless of party) they are permitted access to all voter rolls. You're on the list because you are a patriotic American exercising your right to vote. It's shameless on behalf of our politicians to pander this way.


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