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Brains Beetles and Dung

Beetle 1 Brains, Beetles, and Dung As above so below said the lightning to the bug what it means - who should know say the wise among the smug the beetle and the brain from above seem the same Beetle Images   Beetle 2  Description The peculiar image captioned as Beetle 1, is the human brain, which is responsible for physical movement. Cute little Beetle 2 is also responsible for physical movement and is utilized by most humans. Beetle 3 is was an Egyptian scarab beetle that legend says is responsible for moving the sun across the sky. Food Source It feeds off of whatever the mind and body ingests, which could often be referred to as dung. It feeds off of oil, which is responsible for air pollution and war. Therefore, it feeds off of dung. It lives in, breeds in and feeds off of dung. Strength It's a very powerful thing, the brain. Computers have not yet mastered the intricate workings of the brain. It is so powerful,

Make Your Own Tooth Whitener

White Sage Ceremonial Powder Tooth whiteners are expensive and sometimes toxic. I was quite excited to find this recipe to make your own tooth whitener at . Many of the ingredients have multiple uses and I am looking forward to acquiring them. I already use Peppermint Essential Oil in my diffuser to help invigorate a floundering metabolism. My daughter uses bentonite clay in her homemade facial mask, and of course we have sea salt. My white sage is for smudging, so I can't wait to get the powdered form from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Adding the Pin It Button to Blogger

Adding the Pin It button to Blogger has been driving me a bit crazy today. I found the code to insert easy enough, but isolating the exact image url is next to impossible unless you first upload into a Blogger post. So that's what this is. Now that I've uploaded I can copy the image url to insert in the Pin It code. Nice Pinit pic but not needed. UPDATE: The original code I used with the picture above did not work. However, I found the javascript code that did work and I did not need to upload that image after all. It's a two step process. First you need to backup your template and then insert the javascript link into the template. Next, you need to copy and paste the javascript code into a widget. If you're looking for the code and the instructions, you can find them over at

My Favorite Use of Lavender Oil

I love essential oils. My favorite is lavender. Lavender essential oil is excellent for bedtime because it soothes the soul. It smells delicious too. You can use it on your dogs too. My chihuahua was a very nervous little soul. Whenever he would get upset, such as at bath time, I would simply dab some lavender oil on my finger and then gently rub it up the bridge of his nose. I would continue to rub that area as I cradled him in my arms and he would calm down. It was definitely obvious since chihuahuas tremble so much. Lavender oil also works as an insect repellent. I frequently dab some on my clothing when I am planning to sit outside. It keeps mosquitoes away. Now here's my favorite use of lavender oil. Every morning, I drop just one little drop of lavender oil on my nightgown and then roll it up and place it in an air tight bag. This gives my gown that delicious aroma when I put it on at night and also helps calm me down for sleeping. I love it. Try it. You can