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Canada Donating Ebola Vaccine

Canada has developed an Ebola vaccine. The Canadian government owns it, not a corporation. Canada is donating the vaccine to help fight the Ebola outbreak. The first vials will be sent to the World Health Organization on Monday, October 20, 2014. Sounds promising, right? Keep reading… “The Government of Canada has licensed the rights to NewLink Genetics through its wholly owned subsidiary BioProtection Systems to further develop the product for use in humans.” “The World Health Organization, in consultation with partners, including the health authorities from the affected countries, will guide and facilitate how the vaccine is distributed and used.” The rights to this vaccine are being licensed to a U.S. company, NewLink Genetics. The CEO and 2nd largest shareholder of NewLink is Charles J. Link Jr., M.D. However, the largest shareholder is Stine Seed Farm, Inc. Most people have not heard of Stine S