Price of Insulin

I've seen a lot of comments as to why the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, only limited the price of insulin for those on Medicare. The answer is simple. Republicans. Thank a Republican for not caring about the price insulin. Thank a Democrat, President Biden and 6 Republicans, for doing something about the price of insulin.  "The insulin cap is a long-running ambition of Democrats, who want it to apply to patients on Medicare and private insurance. Republicans left the portion that applies to Medicare patients untouched but stripped the insulin cap for other patients." #RepublicansAreTheProblem Details: The House approved the Inflation Reduction Act, which reduces the price of insulin for Medicare patients, by a 220-207 margin.  All Democrats backed it.  All Republicans opposed it.  Details :  CNBC "President Biden has followed through on his promise to lower the cost of prescription drug

Make Your Own Spider Repellent

Forget about using toxic chemicals in your home to repel spiders. Make your own spider repellent using Essential oils, vinegar, water, and witch hazel, as well as dish soap in the proper combinations. The following website has a couple of recipes so you can make your own concoctions for repelling spiders. Peppermint spray for spiders

Transplanting Morning Glories

When I entered the backyard yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to find 23 Morning Glory blooms near the patio. Turns out, it was a good omen, as we learned that we would be moving in a month's time.  Excuse the dead grass in the photo below. Here in the Pacific northwest, we have very little rain in the summer and the grass dies (opposite of what I was accustomed to in SC). This year we were actually fortunate in that we had rain in June and the grass lived longer than usual. However, we have plenty of rain in my favorite season - winter - and lovely green grass, which I love in the winter time.  We are hoping for success in transplanting Morning Glories. They were not blooming the first year we lived here, but the second year they surprised us. Last year, sadly, they did not reappear. This summer, they have come back stronger than ever.  We love our morning glories and are looking forward to taking them with us. Luckily, I discovered an article at, with sim

Foreign children

"But those were foreign children and it really didn't matter." (Dr. Seuss cartoon 1941) Some feelings never change...  Fast forward to 2022. Stop saying #AmericaFirst  We are all brothers and sisters of this Earth.

Hawley Saga

Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri  Hawley - Business Insider Three things that make the Hawley saga so humorous: 1. The fact that as he entered the building on Jan. 6th, he fist saluted the very people he became terrified of and ran away from. 2. He is currently writing a book about masculinity and the lack thereof, scheduled for release in May, 2023, according to GoodReads. (Manhood: The Masculine Virtues America Needs by Josh Hawley)  3. The third thing? A little speech he made last week about not running or cowering from liberals (apparently he just fears and runs from his supporters).  Clip of Hawley on Twitter "Washington is full of tough people. Currently, there are 91 members of Congress with military experience. Moreover, there are several former first responders: two former sheriffs, one police chief, three other police officers, one former fire chief and a former firefighter. There are also two ex-CIA employees and one FBI agent. Republican Sen. Josh

Basic Right to Education

"One of the basic principles of Finnish education is that all people must have equal access to high-quality education and training. The same opportunities for education are available to all citizens irrespective of their ethnic origin, age, wealth, language, or location. The basic right to education and culture is recorded in the Constitution, while education is free at all levels from pre-primary to higher education." Future Policy

Where a Website Resides

As a former web designer and hosting provider, I have often "attempted" to explain where a website resides, and how it is accessed. Rarely have I been able to convey the concept properly. It was simple enough to explain a domain name by comparing it to a street address, but ecplaining exactly where the data on a server is actually located, and how it is accessed, is not as easily understood. Most people couldn't care less about understanding the technical details of websites, Unless they are creating their own website (this fact may actually only apply to people of a certain age).  Once, I was wrongly accused of fraudulent activity, because my client was able to look up the information on their domain at another domain registrar's website. These particular women were at least 10 years younger than myself, and yet they were internet illiterate. I was never able to make them understand that one can look up who owns a domain name at any domain name registrar's