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Hugs - Campaign 2016

As I watch our presidential candidates eagerly campaigning for primary votes, I listen for their words of love as well as their words of wisdom, leadership and strength.  I look for signs of love for their fellow country men and women. I keep my eyes open to see which of them actually hugs people with a genuine smile and warmth that cannot be disguised. I realize that hugging is not something some people are comfortable with, but sometimes a hug is all you have to give in order to show someone that you are truly moved and concerned for their well-being. The candidates are hearing some heart wrenching stories while campaigning across this country. If a candidate is not capable of hugging the people who are out supporting him or her, especially after they share their heartfelt concerns and tragedies, then (IMHO) they are not capable of making major decisions that will affect the well-being of those people.  Fortunately, there are some huggers in the arena.  Hillary Clinton and Joh