Exquisite Corpse Poetry Game

This week's poem is "Midnight Shadows"

Stars apparent shining dark skies

cloaked secrets in midnight blue

mysterious shadows like venomous illusions

thick shadows folding lucid dreams

million cricket chirps, stillborn stars

the serenely silent sanctuary beckons

Succulent kisses, mysterious smudged eyes.

tangled hair entwines enfolding arms

sleepy abyss of confounding dreams

silent, unwieldy, deep shadows night

distraught nightmares child snuggly daddy

dark world disappears peaceful rest

Exquisite Corpse is provided by Before I am Famous.

The end.

I've finally taken the plunge and decided to participate. It's fun and it forces me to be creative which is good for the mind. I used to write poetry quite often, but lately it seems I'm too busy. Maybe this little game will get my creative juices flowing again.

What is exquisite corpse? It is a game and basically the rule is simple are people participating follow the rules creating something, whether it be scuplture, collage, or poetry. Sometimes it can be silly or serious it all depends on the participants.

Welcome to Exquisite Corpse- blog style!!!

Sometimes we can all come up with one line of poetry but nothing else follows. Those lines in conjunction with someone else’s line can make something special! After reading about “Exquisite Corpse” online, I thought this might be a good idea to bring to the blog world. And our goal is to make poetry!


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