Rush attacks Chelsea

Everyone who speaks for a candidate is fair game for the media.

Even Chelsea.

However, mocking a person's choice of words is more than a little immature. It brought to mind the neighborhood bully/idiot who because he could not think of anything to say, no come-back whatsoever, would spew out the same words he just heard in a silly sarcastic chant.

That's how I perceive what Rush Limbaugh did to Chelsea's speech promoting her Mother's healthcare plan.

Chelsea used words such as "chronically" and "acute" when speaking of those without health care consistently and at some point during a given year, respectively.

Any writer or reader for that matter, knows that these words are used to describe many unhealthy conditions facing our world, not just physical conditions.

I find it sad that so many people take Rush's words to heart, as if he were a religious leader of the ages. The truth is, now that these ultra-conservatives aren't happy with their party's probable choice for the Presidency, they want to pick up their toys and go home. They say they just won't vote if the party isn't going to play the game their way.

Now they know how mainstream Americans have felt throughout many a presidential campaign.

That's not a valid reason for not voting people.

Grow up, please.

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