Ultra Conservative Republicans - A definition

As a spiritual person who votes in presidential primaries and campaigns, I find it increasingly difficult to hear a variety of political views and opinions amongst church goers and life long republicans who are being inundated with propaganda that forces the weakest of them to vote for a pro-life candidate without considering the candidate's qualifications or position on other more urgent issues.

Sometimes I write to vent, and I have written my own definition of the Ultra Conservative Republican Leaders and their followers.

Hope you like it...

Definition of Conservative Republican Leaders and their followers

A group of people who perpetuate themselves as the Christian party, seemingly based solely upon their pro-life, anti-abortion platform (everybody loves babies, right?), apparently ignorant of the fact that this was acually a supreme court decision, not one decided by voters or the President. Their followers have seemingly abandoned the teachings of Jesus Christ and replaced it with the feel-good politics of being "right" or "righteous" concerning abortion, a matter which is out of their control and not even in the realm of power of a particular party or their presidential candidate. Meanwhile, amidst the pro-life banter, a silent and overlooked tragedy continues to unfold in America. These people choose to ignore their American brothers and sisters who are living in poverty, are homeless, jobless, sick and sometimes dying of treatable diseases (if they only had the money), because they would prefer to help sustain the strong arm of the self-preserving government of the wealthy republicans. They are a proud people, proud of their pro-life position, proud to be republicans.

Whew, I feel better now.


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