Poor people with cancer

Apparently those who make decisions concerning healthcare for the poor never actually talk to anyone who is poor.

Apparently they never talk to people who work in emergency rooms either.

I say this because they have just released a study declaring and proving what I have known to be true for years...

the poor don't know they have cancer until it is in an advanced stage...


they have no insurance so...
they don't see a doctor regularly because they have no money...

or they may have insurance but...
they can't afford the copay or the 20% balance due which can amount to thousands of dollars for some tests so...

why bother seeing the doctor if you can't afford to have the tests he/she will suggest you have to provide you with an accurate diagnosis?

And if you're wondering why this matters, if you're one of those who hates entitlements and doesn't care about the poor, then please let me inform you that this affects nearly 25% of our population in the U.S.

That number only includes those without health insurance and doesn't include those with coverage but no funds for testing.

America - Land of Survival of the Fittest

Full Story...

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  1. "The poor don't know they have cancer until it is in an advanced stage..." - it is a really sorry state of affair. Here in India, the poor don't get to know it at all and his family keeps wondering that being the only earning member, why did he pass away?
    Really sad but then what could one do?


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