Outsourcing - it's a controversial issue spurring many irate conversations and feelings across these United States.

Ever wonder just how much money is going out of the country due to US businesses outsourcing?

Here's a clue...

Indian outsourcers to earn $220-280 bln by 2012 by ZDNet's AM -- Everest Research Institute found that the addressable market for Indian BPO outsourcers will be $220 bln to $280 bln by 2012. Today, the report says, the total offshore BPO market is about $28 bln, with the Indian-sourced portion of that at $10.2 bln.

Foreigners are earning 28 billion dollars right now, working for Americans.

God help us, since our representatives don't have a clue how to actually "HELP" us and not hurt us.

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