Monday, June 25, 2007

Take over

Iraqi medical students (40%) are wanting to leave Iraq after graduation, so the government has decided they will not issue the certifications so the students will be forced to stay!

These students feel that there is no way to change Iraq.

Sometimes I just wish we would take over the country entirely since they obviously have no idea what democracy is and don't appear to have the inclination to learn.

We could make them a self-governing commonwealth just like Puerto Rico.

Same goes with Mexico - take over and send someone down there to run the place.

That would solve the oil problem, which is the real reason we can't or won't enforce immigration laws. It would also solve their employment issues, as we could build companies down there yet force them to pay minimum wage just like in the states.

I know it sounds crazy, but in the long run, wouldn't it be cheaper, safer and provide a better future for them as well as us?

Call me crazy or call me logical?

What do you think?

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Whiter Teeth

Today is a rave!

Crest is offering a $7 coupon for their Crest Whitestrips...

Crest also has a sweestakes - free to enter - where you could win a trip to NY and a makeover.

Grand Prize includes:

• Trip for 2 to New York City for 3 days, 2 nights including airfare and hotel

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• $700 spending money

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I have no personal interest whatsoever in this offer, just passing it on.

Click here to enter.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

President Bush Job Rating

So glad to see that America is waking up and smelling the decay of our government and freedoms.

In a recent poll, President Bush's job rating approval hit a new low at just 29 percent.

That's no surprise, everybody is always bashing Bush, which is sad.

The good news is that people are starting to notice the performance of the Democratic Congress.

Only 23 percent of pollees approve of the job the democratic congress is doing.

"Also, 68 percent of Americans think the country is on the wrong track, while just 19 percent say it's on the right track.

That's the lowest number in 15 years."

Read the Full Report at

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


My Mother lived to be 80. She was still living on her own, driving herself around, and appeared to be handling her health problems very well.

She had heart disease (quadruple bypass in her sixties) and asthma. Her hesitance to call for help during an asthma attack is what led to her death.

However, she did not have diabetes or high blood pressure.

I am trying to take notice of her healthy living strategies to improve my own life. She was in better shape at 80 than I am at 53! Her metabolism was high. She was always busy; I wondered how she thought of so many things to do!

Here are some of the things she taught me...

1.   Always eat breakfast - ALWAYS
Research has now proven that breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. It "breaks the fast" as my Mother used to say.

2.  Eat a banana a day
The banana is rich in potassium, and helps keep blood pressure regulated.

3.  Exercise
Now my Mom couldn't do much, but she had a bicycle in the house, and a little stepper thingy she could use sitting down. Walking outdoors wasn't a good idea for her due to her asthma.

4.   Sunshine
My Mother loved her plants. Moving to a retirement center she had to give up her yard, but she still had plants on her balcony and she would sit out there at least 15 minutes a day just to soak up the sun.

5.   Beware of the sun
That may sound silly due to the previous statement, but Mother always had on long sleeves as she sat in the sun. Often, she would wear a hat too. She had beautiful white creamy skin and didn't look a day over 65 when she was 80.

6.   Eat 3 solid meals a day
Include a couple of good healthy snacks in between.

7.   Everything in moderation
Minimize your intake of sugars and carbohydrates, and caffeine.

8.   Eat Healthy
Eat brown rice, healthy bread (only 1 slice when possible) and avoid fried foods and salt.

9.   Drink plenty of water.

10.  Remember you are a spiritual being
This may be number 10 on the list, but it is certainly at the top of her list and mine. Connect to God on a daily basis - throughout the day. Your spiritual condition is vital to your physical and emotional condition. Praying, meditating, reading... all of these contribute to a healthy whole person.

11.   Be a good neighbor. Be a good friend.
Talk to people, smile at them and share your love whenever possible.

12.   Like what you see in the mirror
This should have been first, but I placed it lower because not everyone is at home all day. But if you are, get dressed and ready to face the day just as if you were going out to a job or appointment. I can't recall a single time I surprised my Mother at home to find her in lounging clothes. It just didn't happen. She was ready at a moment's notice to go out or to receive friends. This is one I still have trouble with (as I sit here in my sloppy clothes typing - lol).

Hey, My Mother was a smart woman - Pay Attention!!

Scare Tactics

Wow. This is a perfect example of how a media headline can deliver a false alarm, scaring the public needlessly. Why do publishers resort to scare tactics to get you to read a not so interesting article?

Cruise Ships Viral Infections on the Rise

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention and recently announced that a little over 5 people out of every 1000 cruises (not people) will develop viral gastroenteritis. Hmmm. Is that figure scary? NO!

What is interesting though, is that cruise ship travel has increased a whopping 600% in the last 20 years.

Back then, there was less than 1 incident on average out of every 1000 cruises.

Researchers recommended that travelers wash hands frequently, in particular after coming into contact with public surfaces such as elevator buttons and door handles.

Full Story

Friday, June 15, 2007

Free Speech in Church

Seems our legislators may have forgotten the meaning of free speech. There is a bill now on the table that will take away free speech - telling preachers what they cannot say from the pulpit.

Specifically, any negative statement regarding homosexuality will be considered a hate crime if this bill passes.

Personally, we don't talk about such matters in our church, and I don't really want to hear such talk from the pulpit. None the less, it is NOT the government's duty to monitor pastor's sermons.

That is definitely an infringement on freedom of religion and free speech.

If someone is offended by a pastor, they can simply leave, never to darken that church's doors again.

A pastor's sermon, even though it may be misguided sometimes, is still his right as a pastor, and as long as no individual person is targeted, nor any riots planned or encouraged, I do not see how it can be considered a "hate crime" by any stretch of the imagination!!

We must start monitoring the bills that come before our legislature before we find our freedoms have slipped away while we sat idly by - in ignorance.

You can help by signing the petition...

Sign Now!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Religion Kills

I read an interview of Christopher Hitchens concerning his recent book "God is Not Great" at While he made some interesing points, he left out a couple of important points pertaining to faith and why we as individuals and nations kill others.

First off, I must take issue with his definition of faith as only being related to dogma, which is not accurate. He says you can't have faith in science and reason because they are not dogma. However, dogma is defined as "An authoritative principle, belief, or statement of ideas or opinion, especially one considered to be absolutely true." So dogma would include science and reason, if you consider them to absolutely true. As a matter of fact, since God created science and gave us a mind of reason, they are also part of my own belief system.

Faith, by definition is...
1) Confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing.
(My comment: Therefore, your faith CAN be in reason and science.)
2) Belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence.
(My comment: There is no logical proof or material evidence that wars and killing would end if there were no religions.)
3) Loyalty to a person or thing; allegiance: keeping faith with one's supporters.
4) often Faith Christianity. The theological virtue defined as secure belief in God and a trusting acceptance of God's will.
5) The body of dogma of a religion: the Muslim faith.
A set of principles or beliefs.

Since we as humans are susceptible to being allured by fame, power and wealth, the killing will go on regardless of religion or the lack of religion. It would just be replaced by some other set of traits.

Race? Class? Wealth? Health? Education?
Humans as individuals and as nations will always kill, they always have.

Why blame it all on Christians?

It's easy to do if you neglect to figure in the psychology of it all. It's about power - wanting everyone to do what you do, accept what you accept - then you feel important, worthy, and proud. It's the human condition.

NOTE: You is spoken in general, not specifically to the interviewer nor the interviewee.

If more Christians would get it right, and just follow the teachings and simple commandments of Love as instructed and given by Jesus Christ, then there would be no killing in the name of Christianity.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Audrey Hepburn

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How do we know God is real?

I read posts daily denouncing his existence because there is no literal tangible proof, so I want to explain my belief as logically as I can.

How do you know the wind is real?

You can't see the wind, yet you know it exists.


You can feel it, you can hear it, and you can see the effects of it.

I know God in a similar way.

I have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, I have heard his thoughts which have come to me in times of prayer as I was seeking direct guidance, and I have been the target of many of His blessings that can only be explained by His divine intervention of putting a suggestion or thought into another person's spirit to help me ...

These events are need specific and documented.

Such as needing $300 before the day ends - miracle completed.

The roof of my car leaked. I had no carport. The leaking was causing odor, mildew, etc., not to mention damaging the interior. I prayed for God to fix it - He did.

I needed a car to drive while waiting on my divorce settlement. Miracle was completed by a Christian car dealer I hardly knew who allowed me to drive a car from his lot only on a verbal commitment that I would purchase it with my settlement money, which took 3 months.

When I was searching for a place to set my mobile home I had no idea about the neighborhoods, prices, etc., so I asked God to send me a sign when I found the right place. I looked for several weeks, then one day I drove into a community and sitting on one of the lots was a flock of geese - all on one lot! Needless to say, I took it and have been very happy here for 18 months.

My daughter was waiting for a package concerning a missions trip she is taking. It was ten days late and time was running out. We prayed to bind all interference, interceptions, detours, and other negative influences concerning any events that were in His will and divinely given. Less than two hours later, the package appeared on our doorstep. Apparently it was delivered to the wrong address and the person had procrastinated in bringing it to us - until God or his messengers urged her/him to deliver it personally.

Still, we were short on time to raise the funds for the initial deposit for the trip. My niece mailed out our letter for us. The next day (today) my friend called from another town to inform me that she had received the letter (in 24 hours) and would be sending a check today!!!

Any time I need to make crucial and not so crucial decisions that are not easy for me to make, I just ask God to give me peace about one option and doubts or uneasiness for the wrong option. It always works.

Malachi (in the Old Testament) says that God told him to "Trust me, try me, prove me!"

That's all the proof I need.

If you think that all of these events are just mere coincidences, then think what you will. I have many more evidences, but not enough time to write them all down.

If you think it's God, and you want to know Him, just ask Him to reveal Himself to you and then PAY ATTENTION!!

You will NOT see a man in flowing white robes descend into your front yard. You will however, begin to notice that God is answering your prayers. A prayer is just a spiritual form of communication which can be spoken out loud or in silence with your thoughts.

Try it. God is watching you and waiting on you.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I just read the following blog post at Digg...

"Allan Stokke defended a cop who jerked off on a stripper during a routine traffic stop. He also defended a sheriff's son who was convicted of participating in a videotaped gang-rape. But he was offended when his daughter Allison Stokke was turned into internet sex icon."

This type of thinking is exactly what is wrong with our society's thinking as a whole. How many witnesses saw the cop do his dirty deed? How does the blogger KNOW the cop did it? The gang-rape was on video, so little doubt there. But isn't that the job of an attorney?

Furthermore, what part did the sherriff's son have in the gang-rape? Was he one of the rapists? Or an onlooker who did nothing to stop it? How old was the sheriff's son? How old were the others involved?

Sorry, but this is just not enough information to condemn the lawyer. Even if the lawyer defended people whom he knew to be guilty, he committed no crime (defense lawyers generally defend the guilty) and therefore it does not give me any pleasure to hear of his daughter's situation.

She was not out looking for trouble. She was not "in the wrong place," she was victimized in the ugliest sense of the word.

Should her Father change jobs? Maybe. Maybe not.

Do I condone a defense attorney's choices? NO. Do I defend their right in America to be defense attorneys and therefore do the job they have been hired to do?


read more | digg story


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Paris Hilton

Poor Paris is now in jail. Ok, I get it, most of you believe that she got what she deserves. That may be, I'm not one to question the wheels of justice. However, I am surprised at the lack of sympathy for such a young woman (now 26) who was handed the world on a silver platter and then proceeded to turn it upside down.

Although I wasn't born wealthy, I would be shamed if the world knew every little thing I did between the ages of 18 and 30. Who wouldn't be? No, I didn't do drugs or participate in video sex tapes, and no - I didn't end up in jail - but none the less, I would be ashamed given my pride and upbringing, if every minute detail of my life were known.

So here's to a little sympathy for Paris. Rather than ridicule and chastise her, I am going to pray for her. She is the epitomy of the "poor little rich girl" and I would not trade places with her at any stage of her life for all the money in the world.

Paris is still young, and perhaps these life lessons of jail and world wide humiliation will propel her to attain heights of charitable and noble fame for the duration of her life. She has been attending church, maybe for the publicity, but maybe some of it will motivate her to get to know her Creator and live the life she was put her to live.

That is my prayer.

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