I just read the following blog post at Digg...

"Allan Stokke defended a cop who jerked off on a stripper during a routine traffic stop. He also defended a sheriff's son who was convicted of participating in a videotaped gang-rape. But he was offended when his daughter Allison Stokke was turned into internet sex icon."

This type of thinking is exactly what is wrong with our society's thinking as a whole. How many witnesses saw the cop do his dirty deed? How does the blogger KNOW the cop did it? The gang-rape was on video, so little doubt there. But isn't that the job of an attorney?

Furthermore, what part did the sherriff's son have in the gang-rape? Was he one of the rapists? Or an onlooker who did nothing to stop it? How old was the sheriff's son? How old were the others involved?

Sorry, but this is just not enough information to condemn the lawyer. Even if the lawyer defended people whom he knew to be guilty, he committed no crime (defense lawyers generally defend the guilty) and therefore it does not give me any pleasure to hear of his daughter's situation.

She was not out looking for trouble. She was not "in the wrong place," she was victimized in the ugliest sense of the word.

Should her Father change jobs? Maybe. Maybe not.

Do I condone a defense attorney's choices? NO. Do I defend their right in America to be defense attorneys and therefore do the job they have been hired to do?


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