Free Speech in Church

Seems our legislators may have forgotten the meaning of free speech. There is a bill now on the table that will take away free speech - telling preachers what they cannot say from the pulpit.

Specifically, any negative statement regarding homosexuality will be considered a hate crime if this bill passes.

Personally, we don't talk about such matters in our church, and I don't really want to hear such talk from the pulpit. None the less, it is NOT the government's duty to monitor pastor's sermons.

That is definitely an infringement on freedom of religion and free speech.

If someone is offended by a pastor, they can simply leave, never to darken that church's doors again.

A pastor's sermon, even though it may be misguided sometimes, is still his right as a pastor, and as long as no individual person is targeted, nor any riots planned or encouraged, I do not see how it can be considered a "hate crime" by any stretch of the imagination!!

We must start monitoring the bills that come before our legislature before we find our freedoms have slipped away while we sat idly by - in ignorance.

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