Paris Hilton

Poor Paris is now in jail. Ok, I get it, most of you believe that she got what she deserves. That may be, I'm not one to question the wheels of justice. However, I am surprised at the lack of sympathy for such a young woman (now 26) who was handed the world on a silver platter and then proceeded to turn it upside down.

Although I wasn't born wealthy, I would be shamed if the world knew every little thing I did between the ages of 18 and 30. Who wouldn't be? No, I didn't do drugs or participate in video sex tapes, and no - I didn't end up in jail - but none the less, I would be ashamed given my pride and upbringing, if every minute detail of my life were known.

So here's to a little sympathy for Paris. Rather than ridicule and chastise her, I am going to pray for her. She is the epitomy of the "poor little rich girl" and I would not trade places with her at any stage of her life for all the money in the world.

Paris is still young, and perhaps these life lessons of jail and world wide humiliation will propel her to attain heights of charitable and noble fame for the duration of her life. She has been attending church, maybe for the publicity, but maybe some of it will motivate her to get to know her Creator and live the life she was put her to live.

That is my prayer.


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