How do we know God is real?

I read posts daily denouncing his existence because there is no literal tangible proof, so I want to explain my belief as logically as I can.

How do you know the wind is real?

You can't see the wind, yet you know it exists.


You can feel it, you can hear it, and you can see the effects of it.

I know God in a similar way.

I have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, I have heard his thoughts which have come to me in times of prayer as I was seeking direct guidance, and I have been the target of many of His blessings that can only be explained by His divine intervention of putting a suggestion or thought into another person's spirit to help me ...

These events are need specific and documented.

Such as needing $300 before the day ends - miracle completed.

The roof of my car leaked. I had no carport. The leaking was causing odor, mildew, etc., not to mention damaging the interior. I prayed for God to fix it - He did.

I needed a car to drive while waiting on my divorce settlement. Miracle was completed by a Christian car dealer I hardly knew who allowed me to drive a car from his lot only on a verbal commitment that I would purchase it with my settlement money, which took 3 months.

When I was searching for a place to set my mobile home I had no idea about the neighborhoods, prices, etc., so I asked God to send me a sign when I found the right place. I looked for several weeks, then one day I drove into a community and sitting on one of the lots was a flock of geese - all on one lot! Needless to say, I took it and have been very happy here for 18 months.

My daughter was waiting for a package concerning a missions trip she is taking. It was ten days late and time was running out. We prayed to bind all interference, interceptions, detours, and other negative influences concerning any events that were in His will and divinely given. Less than two hours later, the package appeared on our doorstep. Apparently it was delivered to the wrong address and the person had procrastinated in bringing it to us - until God or his messengers urged her/him to deliver it personally.

Still, we were short on time to raise the funds for the initial deposit for the trip. My niece mailed out our letter for us. The next day (today) my friend called from another town to inform me that she had received the letter (in 24 hours) and would be sending a check today!!!

Any time I need to make crucial and not so crucial decisions that are not easy for me to make, I just ask God to give me peace about one option and doubts or uneasiness for the wrong option. It always works.

Malachi (in the Old Testament) says that God told him to "Trust me, try me, prove me!"

That's all the proof I need.

If you think that all of these events are just mere coincidences, then think what you will. I have many more evidences, but not enough time to write them all down.

If you think it's God, and you want to know Him, just ask Him to reveal Himself to you and then PAY ATTENTION!!

You will NOT see a man in flowing white robes descend into your front yard. You will however, begin to notice that God is answering your prayers. A prayer is just a spiritual form of communication which can be spoken out loud or in silence with your thoughts.

Try it. God is watching you and waiting on you.


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