Bassinet Crib Combo with Wheels

October, 2023, is by far the best month of this year for me, because it delivered my precious grandson.

I arrived at my daughter's home 2 weeks before the baby was due and that was good, because he came one week early. I was determined not to miss this birthing experience.

That extra week gave us time to prepare the Sacred Space for our new little miracle.

Although he had a big sturdy crib, I decided that he also needed something that could move from mom's bedroom to the den easily, because as all mothers know, you hate being away from your baby, especially at the beginning.

It also needed to be sturdy, with excellent reviews, and with easy access to the infant. 

Another consideration is the length of time Mom would actually find this purchase useful.

We didn't want an item that would be unusable in 3 months.

It also needed to be mostly mesh on the sides to protect the baby. Plus, it made it easier to take a peek at the baby.

We decided on the 3-in-1 AMKE bassinet crib combo that had a zip down side and was on wheels for easy portability.

This first link will take you to a variety of all the great AMKE three in one baby bassinets, bedside sleepers, and portable bassinets.

AMKE Bassinet Crib Combo with Wheels 

The link below is to the AMKE Bassinet Crib my daughter and I chose. My grandson is now 19 days old and we are both thrilled with our choice. 

Baby bedside sleeper

It conveniently rolls from den to bedroom and the side zips down for easy access to the sleeping infant, or should I say the waking infant. 

This type of bassinet crib combo is excellent for women who have other health issues, and are unable to easily jump out of bed and run to a nursery to take care of a newborn. 

My daughter has Ms and this AMKE bassinet crib combo on wheels has made life easier for her.


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