Support Term Limits for Supreme Court Justices

The following is a letter I have sent through automation to write my Representatives encouraging them to support term limits for Supreme Court Justices.

Feel free to copy and paste the following letter that I rewrote from the previously formatted letter that will appear in the link provided at the bottom of this article. Or, use their letter. Or, better yet, rewrite it for yourself as I have done. 

When you go to the link, your representatives will automatically appear when you enter your address. 

This is such a simple way to contact your representatives in Washington, D.C. 

Topic - government reform or judicial


Thank you for your service to our country as a representative of the people.

Integrity still matters to most people.

Unfortunately, we are living in an era where we can no longer depend on one's conscience to dictate or control individual actions.

I, and the majority of Americans, have lost faith in the Supreme Court’s ability to act as a neutral arbiter of the law. 

Supreme Court decisions impact every American and every aspect of our lives.  

The Supreme Court needs term limits as well as accountability for their actions outside of the Supreme Court. 

It’s time for Congress to restore public trust in the Court by creating term limits for the Supreme Court with the TERM Act. 

A super majority of Americans—7 out of 10—support passing term limits for our highest court. The TERM Act would create 18-year term limits and give each President two Supreme Court appointments during each term they are in office, creating a Court that is more representative of the American people. 

No other major democracy in the world gives lifetime appointments to judges, and 49 states already have term limits, mandatory retirement ages, or elections for members of their highest courts. 

It’s time the federal government follows their lead. 

As a constituent, I am urging you to become a cosponsor of the TERM Act (H.R. 5566) and build support among your colleagues in Congress. It’s time to restore trust in the highest court in our land. 

Please, support term limits for Supreme Court Justices.



Here's the link:

Never underestimate our power.
NEVER underestimate your power!

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