Price of Insulin

I've seen a lot of comments as to why the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, only limited the price of insulin for those on Medicare. The answer is simple. Republicans.

Thank a Republican for not caring about the price insulin.

Thank a Democrat, President Biden and 6 Republicans, for doing something about the price of insulin. 

"The insulin cap is a long-running ambition of Democrats, who want it to apply to patients on Medicare and private insurance. Republicans left the portion that applies to Medicare patients untouched but stripped the insulin cap for other patients."


The House approved the Inflation Reduction Act, which reduces the price of insulin for Medicare patients, by a 220-207 margin. 

All Democrats backed it. 
All Republicans opposed it. 

Details : CNBC

"President Biden has followed through on his promise to lower the cost of prescription drugs. The Inflation Reduction Act will protect Medicare recipients from catastrophic drug costs by phasing in a cap for out-of-pocket costs and establishing a $35 cap for a month’s supply of insulin. And, as an historic win, Medicare will be able to negotiate prices for high-cost drugs for the first time ever. For union members or family members who benefit from the Affordable Care Act, it extends health insurance premium subsidies."


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