America has become morally bankrupt

While I am not the least bit surprised that Trump dictated his medical report which his doctor then signed, I am now more convinced than ever that America has become morally bankrupt.

When I was applying to college in the 70s, I had to have two people provide references. It was a popular Southern Baptist school in my state, and I guess they wanted to make sure I was an appropriate student for their dogma.

The letters had to be mailed by the writer of said letters.

At the end of my application process, I had to sign a document that stated everything I had submitted was true. If it were to be found out that I had lied, I would be subject to dismissal.

We were expected to be truthful and honorable in how we presented ourselves.

I guess we expected more from our university students in the seventies than we expect from our president today.

How sad.

Dr. Harold Bornstein needs to tell the truth about his patient. 

He can start by answering the following questions.

  • Did the president lie?
  • Did the president exaggerate?
  • Did the president omit pertinent information?
  • Why did Dr. Bornstein agree to this "doctored" letter?

This doctor needs to submit a new, "undoctored" letter regarding the health of Trump. 

Let's be truthful. No one believed for a second that a physician actually claimed that Trump would be the "healthiest president ever!" We all knew who spoke those words. 

Now that it's been admitted, perhaps we can learn the truth. 


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