Trump Blames Schumer for Diversity Visa Program

Are politicians and the media truly surprised and uninformed (or misinformed) about the Diversity Visa Program? Or are they feigning surprise to further the drama surrounding the story they wish to tell?

I, a voting citizen, NOT a politician or elected official, knew about the Diversity Visa Program prior to yesterday. I also know that these people were indeed, being vetted.  

The amazement spilling from some of these politicians and journalists is disturbing. 

I am beyond tired of ignorance, or feigned ignorance, which is even more shameful in my opinion. 

Apparently, if people (the media, the president, the citizens) act shocked by the facts that you (the politician) were already aware of, then it's okay to pretend that you (the elected representative) knew nothing about the subject / law / incident. 

The problem with that should be obvious. 

If you are an elected official, and you claim to know nothing about the Diversity Visa Program, then you should resign - it's that simple. There is no excuse for your ignorance. 

Unlike Trump, you cannot get away with blaming one solitary politician for a bill!

Trump blames Schumer for Diversity Visa Program.

This makes about as much sense as blaming Hillary Clinton for Benghazi. 

In other words, it's idiotic. 

It's a ploy to divert attention from one person to another, regardless of the cost - and I, for one, am disgusted by this behavior. 

But I digress...

I guess it's no surprise that our president is ill-informed on past events (and current ones for that matter) in Washington DC. 

While Senator Schumer did sponsor the original bill that included the lottery program, it was voted on and passed by Republicans as well as Democrats. 

Schumer and the "gang of eight" attempted to end the program in 2013 with the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill. 

They were not successful.

Read more at Politifact:

Gang of Eight from Wikipedia:

In the context of proposed immigration reform, the Gang of Eight consists of the following four Democratic and four Republican senators:[4]

Further Reading at The Atlantic:

While I am not in favor of the Diversity Visa Program, I would be remiss if I did not put this into proper perspective - this single incident by one terrorist, is not enough reason to end immigration, any more than it is a reason to end driving in the city. 


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