Kushner Blames Assistant

Scapegoating in the White House is apparently contagious.

New headline:

Kushner blames his assistant for hitting the "send" button too soon.

Hmm. There's a problem or two with that scenario.

Kushner's comment makes no sense - at all - because...

1) you would not be filling out a form via email, therefore no "send" button.

2) If you're filling out a security clearance form online (I doubt seriously it would be done that way), then you would have a "submit" button, not a send button.

3) If you're literally filling out a form on your computer, it would probably be saved as a pdf file and then emailed as an attachment, or printed out and faxed.

Even if we give Kushner the benefit of the doubt by saying he is confused about the "send" or "submit" button, we still have the fact that he did not amend or correct the form.


Kushner Blames Assistant



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