HoeflerText font alert

Have you seen it?

The HoeflerText font alert is a scam that is associated with a Facebook ad that I clicked on today. I never trust ads because they are so easy for hackers to mess with. Unfortunately, one cannot tell if the actual person that placed the ad is the "bad guy," or if their site was hacked and they actually have no knowledge of it.

On Chrome, it looks like this:

Hoefler Text font not found alert on Chrome

Warning: Regardless of who is at fault...

Do NOT install the font. 

Be smart online.

Whenever you have a pop-up or alert, always open a new browser tab and enter words from the alert into a search engine (I prefer Google), and find out what is really going on BEFORE you download anything.

Do NOT click OK on such pop-ups. 

X out of them.

Close that window.

If that doesn't work, try the ESC button in the top left corner of your keyboard.

If all else fails, reboot your computer. Pressing the windows key should bring up access to your power options.

Be safe.

This alert states that your version of Chrome or Firefox does not have the HoeflerText font installed and then prompts you to download a fake "Chrome Font Pack" or "Mozilla Font Pack" in order to install the HoeflerText font and see the page properly. The names of the downloads that have been distributed by this attack include Chrome_Font.exe, Mozilla_Font_v7.87.zip, and Chrome_Font_v7.87.zip. The downloaded file, though, is actually a malware installer that will install malware.

Get the full story plus instructions on virus removal at


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