Alexa by Invitation Only

Alexa, a virtual personal assistant marketed by Amazon, is proudly announcing some new features with Echo Look.

I think the new features are brilliant!

Yes. Brilliant, but also a little bit creepy.

See for yourself...

"Alexa, take a video." 

Alexa, you are brilliant.

Yes, brilliant. Especially if your toddler is dancing, or you want to see how you look in a 360 video - and who doesn't?
Sew a Cover

Hopefully, the security features are such that no one can ever take control of the camera.

Easy fix - cover it up when you aren't using it... like you would cover a bird cage at night time.

Then, of course, you will have the added inconvenience of removing the cover before you can use it, but it's a small price to pay for privacy.

Would I buy one? 

If my girls were still young children?


If I were dressing to kill every day of the week?


Who am I kidding? 

If I were dressing to kill one day a month!


Alexa also has some quite useful features that are helpful. Home automation and answering questions such as "What's the weather?" and "How long is my morning commute?" make her an appealing little gadget to add to our arsenal of technology goodies.

Alexa by Invitation Only.

If you want one, you need to request an invitation from Amazon.

Learn more about Alexa at Tom's Guide.

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