Why Women March

Today has been an active day on social media, with many people asking why the women were marching. I guess they have forgotten all the things that our new President said and did during his campaign, not to mention his behavior before that.

Apparently they haven't paid attention to a couple of people he has nominated for key cabinet positions, who clearly are not qualified, especially the Department of Education.

But those are the obvious reasons.

I decided to find out some of the reasons, in their own words, that people participated in the Women's March yesterday.

Fortunately, Twitter makes it easy.

Why Women March

For kids with special needs, who deserve an education that will allow them to reach their full potential. #vote no to DeVos #WhyIMarched

To send a message to congress and DJT.  We will not accept  fascism, sexism or racism. We are awake,watching and involved #WhyIMarched

My vagina
My choice!

I marched for women's bodies, POC, freedom of religion, immigrants, lgbtqia?, the environment, and liberty & justice for all. #WhyIMarched

For my daughter and grand-daughters, and with my daughter to protect and guard women's and human rights  #WhyIMarched

Unsure what's worse, reading a post calling my faith into question because I marched or seeing my dad "like" it. Both are #WhyIMarched

I marched yesterday to support my LGBTQ friends and family #WhyIMarched

#whyImarched to support human rights & equality, no matter a person's race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or legal status

I've seen better cabinets at IKEA ! #WhyIMarched

#WhyIMarched because birth control profoundly lowers the abortion rate. If GOP was truly prolife, they'd support it. They just hate women.

@realDonaldTrump really did drain the swamp. He drained it of all decency. Which is #whyIMarched today. #WomansMarch

Fear is no excuse to sink backward into darkness. #WhyIMarched #WomensMarchOnWashington

These are a few reasons why women marched and will continue to band together for the good of this country, and the world. 

We are not done. 

Join us...  10 Actions for the First 100 Days.


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