The Trump Cabinet - least educated cabinet

The Trump cabinet is going to be the least educated cabinet in recent history.

Shaun King wrote an excellent article regarding the lack of education and the stark difference between what black people expect and what rich white people expect to achieve, especially in regards to White House appointments.

The article was written last month.

I am shocked - finding it hard to believe that the citizenry of this country are okay with random rich people being appointed to our highest offices.

While I am not concerned about the education and intellectual prowess of all cabinet members, those who serve in Education and Energy (just to name a few) need to be well educated and capable of learning even more - in order to serve this country well.

Is this not even slightly disturbing to most Americans?
Obama’s current Secretary of Education, John King Jr., has a B.A. from Harvard, a master’s degree and doctorate from Columbia, and a law degree from Yale on top of it all. He is one of the most educated people to ever hold the position of Secretary of Education. That makes sense right? 
The incoming Secretary of Education is Betsy DeVos. She has a bachelor’s degree from Calvin College. That’s it. She’s also white and a billionaire. The standards are clearly different. Not a single black man in America would ever be under the impression that he could be Secretary of Education with a B.A. from Calvin College.
Then for the Department of Energy:
Trump just appointed Rick Perry — who failed his college chemistry course and had a transcript riddled with C’s & D’s. The former governor of Texas struggled his way into earning a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M. He doesn’t have any graduate degrees. He is famous for saying that if he became president, he would disband the Department of Energy, but he couldn’t even remember the name of the department.

Secretary of the Treasury:
The current Secretary of the Treasury is Jack Lew. Lew has a B.A. from Harvard and a law degree from Georgetown. Trump nominated Steven Mnuchin. He doesn’t have a graduate degree of any kind.

 Read the full article at NY Daily News.

Read about all of the appointees and nominees (education not listed) here.


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