Liberals are Happy People

There's a Facebook post written by Senator Chris McDaniel (R-MS) whining about the Women's March and declaring that liberals are unhappy, among other things.

Then there's a great rebuttal.

Happy Marchers in Montana
First, here is my comment on the article...

I take issue with the statement that liberals are not happy. As a liberal, I can say that I am very happy in my personal life. My sadness only comes from the heart-wrenching lives that so many people are living in America.

Likewise, some of the happiest people I know are liberals, although a touch of sadness does seem to manifest when in the presence of conservatives like Sen. McDaniel.

Sometimes it's not even sadness, but amazement at how they manage to justify their hatefulness and lack of compassion.

  • Liberals love everyone; 
  • liberals want equal rights for everyone; 
  • liberals respect human rights. 

How can we not be happy?

Conclusion: Liberals are happy people in their personal lives. They are not happy at the suffering that exists among their brothers and sisters.

Understand the difference. 

Great rebuttal by Dave Naples, Pundit, Blowhard, and Rabble-Rouser.

You can read the article and the great rebuttal here.

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