Free Press

So many times we get frustrated by the tales of the so-called press as they offer up their propaganda, especially during times of political unrest such as what we experienced in 2016.

The current sentiment of most journalists is that it's all about telling the best story, even when it's fiction simply disguised as truth. The goal is to gain the most public attention for yourself, or the network / organization you represent.

Here's hoping that with the current (and upcoming) struggles some of the press are encountering with Trump's presidency, that the press will swing the pendulum the other way and bring back honor, respect, and truth to the forefront of professional journalism.

There is always hope.

We must maintain a free press, even though we often need to research further in order to get to the truth.

A free press can, of course, be good or bad,
but, most certainly without freedom, 
the press will never be anything but bad. 
~ Albert Camus


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