Home Remedies for Skin Rashes

Having been plagued with allergic skin rashes for over a year now, I can safely say that I have tried just about every home remedy known to man, including the ones listed in the linked article below.

All of them work in varying degrees. Since my skin rashes are due to allergies, I have not found anything that gets rid of it totally, although it does start to heal, and then it comes back.

I have created my own treatments using essential oils which help with the itching. My potions also help repel mosquitoes. You can read about them here. 

The MUSC (Medical Univ. of S.C.) dermatologist wants to do the allergen skin test, but that is an expensive test, as many of you know. Meanwhile, I continue to look for new home remedies.

Obviously, one needs to be careful of soaps, detergents, and household cleaners. Any chemical you come into contact with can create a reaction. Outdoor allergens are also to blame.

Many may find it strange, but the zinc in diaper rash cream helps immensely, especially if you have a raw area. When I was in the hospital, they used a zinc paste dressing on my worst areas. However, diaper rash creams will suffice in most cases. Compare the creams and choose one with the highest amount of zinc.

Diaper rash cream: you might laugh away at this absurd suggestion but if it can treat a rash on a baby's sensitive skin, it can take care of yours. Extremely mild and extremely helpful. Apply 2-3 times a day.

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