Obama wept

A few days ago our President wept as he spoke of the massacre of children at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012.

If you are one who speaks of this event in mockery, I feel sorry for you and because of you I feel even sorrier for our nation. For it is people like you who have caused the apathy in America.

NO one is coming for your guns. However, below is the educated interpretation of the 2nd Amendment as interpreted by our Supreme Court.

 Violence Policy Center

If you are one of the people who says that more laws will not keep guns away from criminals, I would like to remind you that
most gun deaths and injuries occur as unjustifiable homicides and suicides.

For the sake of argument, let's say the government is plotting to eventually take all guns away from us.

Get real. If that happens, the military will win.

Many of you think that our service men and women would not comply with these orders, but even if that were the case, the UN would be called upon to enforce the new laws and those who resist will either be imprisoned or killed if they try to stop the process.

Instead of worrying about a scenario that I have no control over, I prefer to do something about the number of gun deaths in this country.

Thank you, President Obama, for enforcing stricter gun laws.

Obama didn't just get weepy, Podair and others say. He introduced something new to American public life on three levels: spiritual, political and presidential.
He showed the 'power of powerlessness'


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